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Fieldhouse Adds Cade Jones as Head of Performance

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

New York, NY, June 13, 2023— Fieldhouse Holdings, Inc, a next-generation platform empowering athletes to maximize performance and career longevity, welcomes Cade Jones as the Head of Performance. Cade brings [10 years] experience to Fieldhouse, starting on June 13, 2023.

“Cade’s systematic approach to athletic development is unmatched and will be critical for Fieldhouse’s product launch in Fall 2023,” said Alec Parower, Founder and CEO. “His clientele and success stories prove that he delivers real change and lasting results.”

Cade’s company, Adapt and Perform, [is based out of San Carlos, CA and provides individualized health and human performance coaching services to professional and developmental athletes.

“Fieldhouse is an exciting opportunity for athletes. A centralized hub where they can access all data they’ve collected and a digital coach in their pocket providing individualized recommendations to improve movement, conditioning, and help prepare them for their sport. Together these services allow athletes and coaches to better understand how to improve athletic performance and help athletes reach their health and performance goals,” said Cade Jones.

Cade received a Masters degree in Health and Human Performance from [Georgia College and State University] in 2016 where he was a Graduate Assistant Head S&C Coach for five sports teams at the college. Cade has interned for Eric Cressey at Cressey Sports Performance, served as the Director of Performance at Rapid Sports Performance, worked in South Lake Tahoe, CA for ALTIS - an Olympic Track and Field Group, and now trains NBA clients and personal training clients in San Carlos, CA

Cade will be responsible for evaluating health and performance measurements and thresholds such as movement, conditioning levels, and preparedness for sport Additionally Cade will create simple and effective interventions that improve career longevity via injury risk mitigation and long term athletic development via improved fitness and resilience for athletes. This will be critical for Fieldhouse as the company scales across competition-levels and sports.

About Fieldhouse Holdings, Inc.

Fieldhouse is a next-generation platform empowering athletes to maximize performance and career longevity. The company integrates athlete performance, training, and lifestyle data from hundreds of devices and platforms. Fieldhouse’s proprietary “engine” analyzes real-time and historical data then presents athletes with prioritized, actionable insights to ensure they are ready for competition.

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