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MOKAN Basketball partners with Fieldhouse to give it’s athletes a competitive edge

MOKAN Elite basketball and Fieldhouse are excited to announce their partnership, giving the 2022 Nike EYBL champion a software tool to help turn data from training and preparation into wins. Fieldhouse, a third party platform for athletes and coaches, captures physical health, mental fitness, sleep, nutrition, recovery, injury risk, and prevention. All in one space.

Through this partnership, MOKAN Elite athletes will have complete access to the Fieldhouse platform. By capturing and assessing data from many sources, users will receive prioritized insights based on their personal data, and be connected to the Fieldhouse Knowledge Base offering actionable improvement plans.

“MOKAN Elite does an amazing job of giving their athletes all the tools to be successful at the Grassroots, collegiate, and NBA level. ,. We are excited for our platform to provide MOKAN Elite with next-level insights into their preparation and training to improve their results on the court. ” - Alec Parower, CEO & Co-Founder of Fieldhouse

About Mokan Elite Basketball:

MOKAN Elite provides a platform and support system that allows young men to take advantage of life-changing opportunities through sport. With a Top 3 program at almost every age level, MOKAN Elite basketball has had over 125 young men earn College Scholarships and helped propel over 7 players into the NBA, including Trae Young and Michael Porter Jr.. To learn more about Mokan, please visit

About Fieldhouse:

Fieldhouse is a software, data analytics, and AI company that empowers athletes and coaches with personalized data to optimize peak performance and decision making. By combining performance statistics with detailed, personalized health, wellness, and training data, Fieldhouse offers athletes and coaches a holistic understanding of what's needed for athletes to perform at their best. Fieldhouse is using data to level the playing field; transforming the unpredictable into the predictable.

To learn more about Fieldhouse, please visit

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